As Diamond Drywall & Glass has continued to grow, the need for a safe work environment has grown. We believe in safety as a priority on each job for the primary benefit of our employees and our company, as well as our clients.
Because of this, we employ a full time Safety Director and have a safety consultant on retainer. The goal of our Safety Director is to teach our supervisors and employees the attitude of safety. For us to be successful, we must have every employee aware of the safety concerns each day on each project. Through the consultant, we are able to objectively look at our safety program, make adjustments, and assist our managers in safe operations.
Our goal is to insure that the employee will make the correct decision every day. The culture of safety must be automatic in our company.
Safety Procedures | Diamond Drywall & Glass
We believe that safety starts with each employee. Our employees must have the training and other resources to make correct decisions on their own. In spite of our excellent results, we believe that safety is ongoing, a job never done. We continue to strive to improve and use our resources wisely and safely. Working with general contractors and owners of a similar philosophy will assist us in this endeavor.